I have now been single for about seven years and 2.5 relationships before that. I feel like I have learned a few things but never took the time to actively remember those learnings. Now it’s time I do that!

In high school into college, I was dating a girl I…

My interest in growing as a speaker and author led me to attend the 2017 Evercoach Summit. I’m happy I went. I left a better person.

I left with learnings that will not only help me as a speaker and author, but also with life — focus, communication, relationships, listening.

Learnings from all the awesome people I met:

Three years ago in 2014, I experienced clinical depression for the first time in my life. From that point in 2014 to today in 2017, I have experienced three bouts of clinical depression that lasted 5–6 months each. It’s been confusing why this is happening, because I have always been…

Shaan Shah

Author, Inspirational speaker

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